Joe Sweeney

Boxing coach & Fitness trainer


Joe's  experience extends over 13 years in the fitness industry.

He has worked for well-known gym brands such as Cannons Health, Nuffield Health, Virgin Active, Holmes Place, and two luxury residential gyms in S.W London.

At present Joe is a freelance personal trainer and amateur boxing coach managing a client base in London.

“ My experiences have taught me a wealth of knowledge and practical skills, how to pre-pair mentally and physically for change, how to create and execute diet & training plans. I believe in implementing good daily habits that will aid and improve your well-being and performance." 

- Joe Sweeney                       

Joe's mission is to empower, inspire, motivate and educate people, to improve their health and reach their potential abilities in sports, health & life."



Joe’s skill set includes:

  • Hatton Boxing basic and advanced level coach

  • Boxing ABA coach

  • Level 5 Sports Nutrition

  • Level 4 - Obesity and Diabetes

  • Level 3 - Exercise Referral Diploma

  • Level 3 - Personal Trainer Award

  • Level 3 - Nutrition & Weight Management

  • Level 3 - Advanced Fitness Instructor

  • Level 3 - Training in different environments

  • Level 2 - Pre & Postnatal Training

  • Level 2 - Fitness Instructor

  • Emergency First Aid





The training with Joe has been rewarding. The outdoor HITT workouts help me control my weight and decrease my body fat as well as reducing my stress levels. When on holidays and playing annual sports events I have noticed other benefits such as improved fitness, flexibility and core strength. Joe is good fun to talk to I enjoy our discussions in between breaks about sports and general stuff. Overall I feel much better physically, mentally after the session.
— Private Client
Working out with Joe was fun and brought the best out of me, during a tough time, while going through injuries. He pushed me to the limit and helped me to remain focused on reaching my goals. The boxing training helped improve my fitness. I learnt the fundamentals while developing speed and power. I would defiantly recommend doing sessions.
— Junior Hoillet, QPR & amp; Canada football player
When I first met Joe through my husband, I was convinced I knew what I was doing in the gym and the best way to tone up. He opened my eyes to muscle groups, which I hadn’t ever considered and explained to me the importance of my core. I saw a huge change in my overall fitness and strength in a short space of time with the changes he introduced to my regime. My workouts were more varied, and definitely more fun. Joe tailors each workout to suit your own personal goals, and at the same time provides excellent nutritional tips on how to enhance your results. I highly recommend his services. You won’t be disappointed!
— Anvi
I’ve had personal training sessions with Joe for the past 1 year which have been invaluable. I can’t be happier with the drive and enthusiasm he has brought into the sessions. We have focused on pad work and boxing which is what I wanted - and he was able to deliver.
— Suresh
Training with Joe is both fun and physically challenging. I started boxing training and pad work with him a year ago and have now incorporated cardio and strength work. Joe has also assisted in my postoperative rehabilitation. He manages to make each session varied, which is important to me to keep my motivation. I would recommend trying a session.
— Andrew
At the beginning I trained with Joe mainly for motivation and to learn how to train properly as I’ve never enjoyed going to the gym. After the second week I realised how much more I could do with the added motivation and tips and with my form being corrected. The workouts were varied and really demanding at times. After 6 weeks I noticed my body became more lean and defined but in a feminine way. Training with Joe has given me the confidence to go on and try other forms of exercise, which he himself recommended. In all Joe’s a great guy and a great trainer!
— Melanie